Setting Up Your FL Studio

Now that you’ve obtained your copy of FL Studio, the following step is to configure your Studio. Basically, you will be sitting in front of your computer for lengthy periods of time, therefore you will need a few items….

1. Comfortable Seat

If you’re still sitting on an old milk crate, I recommend upgrading to something a little more comfy to avoid getting those markings on your bottom. Look for a desk chair so that when you are frustrated with hearing the same noises over and over, you may lean back, twist around, or push yourself across the room to divert yourself.

2. Desk

Look for a desk with many levels. Either that, or collect a stack of old phonebooks (who uses them these days?!) as well as ensuring that your display is at eye level and your speakers are at ear level Important to avoid being bent over like an ape.

3. Quiet Location

Nothing is more annoying than being stopped when trying to get the finest sound or riff. If you have a separate shed away from the home, it would be a perfect location for a studio. Get away from people!

4. Monitor Speakers/ Headphones

Take your HiFi system and chuck it out the window right now. It’s pointless, and you’ll save years if you start with a good monitor speaker setup. You’re looking for Near Field Monitors (NFM). Set them up using phone books so that the woofers are at ear level, as described in step 2. Set them at an equal distance apart and such that they form a triangle with your head as the third point.

5. Multiple LCD Monitors

Split-screen monitors are easily supported by Fl Studio. So acquire as many as your PC can handle and create a monitor wall. It might be beneficial to view your whole project at once rather than constantly switching between screens. Also, even if you’re terrible at composing music, you may wow your pals by clicking and dragging objects about on the screen.

6. Keyboard

Purchase a midi keyboard. This is most likely the most useful tool you will ever use in FL Studio. Trying to write riffs on a PC keyboard is like trying to open a can with your teeth: it’s pointless. So, to save time, acquire a midi keyboard and start hammering out some insane riffs.

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