Review Of Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano, Black

The Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano, Black has a stunning appearance. It comes with its own stand and is appropriate for players of all skill levels. The piano has a very basic aesthetic that is sleek and classy, with a concentration on quality rather than quantity, giving a modest variety of beautifully reproduced sounds over hundreds of effect noises.

Benefits/Product Features

Korg’s custom developed Natural Weighted Hammer Action technology is one of the most pleasurable aspects of the Korg SP170s. This innovative invention means that the keys respond similarly to an acoustic piano, and you can even modify the settings to one of three sensitivity levels to suit your playing style.

88-Key Digital Piano Korg SP170s

The Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano, Black samples two beautiful concert grand pianos and authentically recreates their sound for your playing pleasure. In addition, the piano has the ability to switch between 10 different playing modes, including harpsichord, organ, and electric piano. Because it is a digital piano, you may also apply reverb and chorus effects to assist bring varied sounds into your performance. If you need to return to the primary piano sound, you may do it at any time by pressing a button.

This piano is also an excellent teaching tool, since it has two headphone jacks. This enables the student and instructor to play together without disturbing their surroundings, or any other kind of duet arrangement. If you don’t mind remaining quiet, you’ll be happy to discover that the built-in speakers create an outstanding quality of sound, as befits this brand.

Customer Reviews

It seems that I am not alone in my enjoyment of this piano, as most users report being quite satisfied with it. Many of them also praise the excellent sound quality, while a small number of consumers notice a buzzing noise after extended usage. They are, however, in the minority. Many people are drawn to the feel of the keys, comparing them to the concert grands that the Korg SP170s hopes to emulate.

Parents wishing to get their children started on a quality instrument are one group that commonly appears in customer feedback. These individuals are all overjoyed with how well their kid is doing with the piano, and a few parents have been persuaded to try it themselves after seeing it in person.

Where to buy

The Korg SP170s is available at a variety of online sites at a reasonable price; it is now available on Amazon for $499.99. eBay purchases are unreliable, and many music businesses outsource their delivery to third-party couriers, which is a risk you don’t want to take with a new instrument. Amazon has earned a reputation as a trustworthy provider for good reason.

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