Quiet PC So You Can Hear Your Mix

This is my way for making a cooler and quieter PC for next to nothing.

My PC’s fans were beginning to irritate me since they sounded like they were attempting to pick up my computer and fly away, much like a helicopter.

A silent PC is essential so that you can hear your music rather than your fans! Also, to make it simpler to sleep while downloading from the internet. A cool PC is vital because when I use Fruity Loops, I can easily max out my CPU by applying up to eight effects to each sample in the mixer window (despite the fact that I have an AMD Athlon 64bit 3000+ with 1GB RAM). Of course, you want your PC to be as cool as possible when it is operating at 100%. (And if it’s not running at 100%, you haven’t put in enough work into your song…. add some more pads, effects, and layers of sounds to complement one another and round out the mix. You now have a need for a cooler PC, just like me!

Make your computer quiet.

  1. By unscrewing both sidepanels from your PC case, you may remove them.
  2. Purchase some corkboard tiles from your local hardware store. (I used corkboard from one of those pin-up boards where you can also pin images.)
  3. Determine how much room you have so that when you replace your cover, it does not collide with anything.
  4. Corkboard should be cut to the same size as the sidepanels.
  5. Drill four holes through the PC casing and then through the corkboard to secure it.
  6. Install the screws, reinstall the sidepanels, and sit back to enjoy a much quieter PC!
  7. Make sure the corkboard does not block any important vents on the computer casing.

Make Your Computer Cool

  1. Make a hole in your PC’s sidepanel exactly above the fan that cools your CPU.
  2. To cut through the heavy metal casing, I had to use a hammer and chisel.
  3. Get a clean baked bean tin that is long enough to stretch from the case hole to the processor fan.
  4. If you’re cautious, as I was, you may press the can against the case’s hole, and the corkboard (from the prior technique) will keep it in place. I don’t have anything keeping my baked bean can in place, and it can’t possibly move.
  5. Instead of sucking in pre-heated PC case air, your CPU may now experience fresh outside air.
  6. Your computer will now run 15-20% cooler, with the fan spinning at a considerably lower RPM.

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