5 Musical Inspiration Tips

Is it just me, or does everything sound the same? Continue reading for more motivational ideas.

  1. Alter your genre. If you’re accustomed to crafting drum & bass songs, try making a house track. Or, if necessary, the opposite way around. I sometimes switch genres to get away from drum and bass. This will assist you in broadening your musical ear.
  2. Send your tunes to friends and receive feedback from them. It’s even better if you have some pals who produce their own music so you can listen to each other’s songs and provide criticism.
  3. Avoid falling into established habits. Using the same instruments repeatedly might result in the same sounding melodies. Experiment with various generating settings.
  4. Clear out your project area. If your projects are a jumbled mess, it may be beneficial to name or colour label your channels. Fruity Loops features a fantastic feature that allows you to zip channels in the step sequencer. If something isn’t functioning properly, zip it up and try something else.
  5. Is it possible to have too many musical ideas? If you’re afraid about modifying a song and losing your musical ideas, establish a folder for the project and save a copy “tune01”, “tune02”, etc., each time you make a significant modification. In other occasions, I’ve transformed a good song into a shambles and had to return to an earlier version. This might occur when it is 4 a.m. and you still refuse to go to bed!

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