5 Elements Of Drum And Bass Drums

Here’s a basic method for creating great Drum and Bass drums using just 5 parts.

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. Hi Hat Finished
  4. Open Hi Hat
  5. Break

A break is a full sample of another drum set with kick, snare, and hats all playing at the same time. This will supplement your unique samples. Reduce the level so that your kick and snare can be heard over the break.

Make a basic design like the one below and choose samples that go nicely together.

Route each of the five elements listed above into its own separate mixing track.

Now, send all of the parts via a drum master channel and apply effects to it. This will assist things to fit together better. A distortion plugin like TK-3 Band Distort will assist to make your drums sound nasty, which is exactly what we want! To get the distortion plugin, see at my Distortion Demo in Fruity. Download the Fruity project file by clicking here.

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